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Long Description

Transform any space
DynaMapper enables you to beam multiple images and video onto 3D surfaces to create digital art – known as projection mapping. It’s a completely new way to use your home projector to create unique light displays for the same engaging experience you see at large events. Project onto any surface in your home, party venue or event space.

Mobile projection mapping – transform any space
Intuitive user interface – easily achieve a professional result
Themed content packs available
Rectangular and bezier mesh tools – for mapping onto multiple surfaces
Built in material pack – adjust colours and textures
Live play – be your own VJ

Map, tap, enjoy!

Please note:
This application is designed to work in landscape orientation only
Requires a video projector and a suitable smart device connector
The number of videos that can be played simultaneously differs by device

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Release Details

  • Release Status : Worldwide
  • Current Version : 1.18.4
  • App Store URL : DynaMapper
  • Release Date :
  • Recommended Age : 4+
  • Minimum Os Version :

  • App File Size : 63 MB
  • Application ID : 1136686918



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