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ST Translator Pro

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Long Description

Welcome to use ST Translator, the ST Translator is specially designed to work with the Supreme Translation Earphone.
The ST Translator comes with below outstanding features:

1. Real-time 2 way voice translation with 5 optional modes:
* Face to face communication. Communicate in real time with people you meet during traveling.
* Group communication. Communicate in real time with a group of people, each in their own language.
* Instant communication. Communicate in real time with another user who has the translator earphone.
* Language tutor. Practice & learn languages by using the translator earphone.
* Broadcast. Speak to a group of people who use the translator earphone, each in their own language.
2. Support more than 30 different languages.
3. Verbal and visual translations.
4. Your best tool when you visit a foreign country.

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Release Details

  • Release Status : Worldwide
  • Current Version : 2.5
  • App Store URL : ST Translator Pro
  • Release Date :
  • Recommended Age : 4+
  • Minimum Os Version :

  • App File Size : 73 MB
  • Application ID : 1475218747



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