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Walks of Jewish Australia

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A Walk of Jewish Australia, developed by the Australian Jewish Historical Society with support from the City of Sydney, has free self-guided walking tours of some of the most interesting, surprising, and meaningful Jewish moments and characters in Australia's past.

Consisting of 45 stations, the full 5-kilometre walks take about 3 hours to complete, but users are welcome to pull up the map and browse a few stops at a time.

The tour includes major Jewish sites such as the Great Synagogue, the Sydney Jewish Museum and the former location of the York Street Synagogue, but there are also dozens of stops in places you may never have known were associated with Jewish events.

Whether one stops at a few places of interest or completes the whole tour, what quickly becomes clear on Walks of Jewish Australia is the real and significant contributions that Jewish settlers have made to the city since its founding. From building skyscrapers to writing operas, Jewish Sydneysiders have been at the heart of Sydney culture, business, infrastructure, and spirituality from the beginning.

With locations throughout the CBD and dates stretching from the First Fleet to the end of the last century, the tour certainly has something for everyone interested in the rich, varied history of Jewish Sydney.

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