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Long Description

Neurashot is a computational photography app packed with cutting-edge computer vision smarts to help you get the most out of your device's camera.


  • Intelligent super-res zoom with digital and optical stabilization to capture fine details beyond the native sensor's resolution.

  • Intelligent denoising designed to shine in all the shooting conditions you need it in.

  • Intelligent manual exposure fusion to give you full control over which details you want to highlight and mask in your shot.

  • RAW and ProRAW support with full manual control across all modes in the app.

  • Night mode for all cameras

  • Brilliant smooth light trails

  • Long Exposures in processed or RAW format.

  • Designed to be private. No personal data collection, no ads and no sign up.

  • About me:
    I'm a passionate computer vision engineer and photography enthusiast with a deep desire to constantly get the most out of my phone's camera. After paying for a bunch of apps on the app store in hopes of getting better results than the native camera, which in several situations is great by the way, I decided to spend the time I spent taking pictures on creating something that would enrich my photographs and make the hobby more rewarding

    I now use the app for most shooting conditions and hope you enjoy the app as much as I do! I have several updates planned for the near future but I would love to hear your suggestions on how I could do better!


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    Release Details

    • Release Status : Worldwide
    • Current Version : 1.7
    • App Store URL : Neurashot
    • Release Date :
    • Recommended Age : 4+
    • Minimum Os Version :

    • App File Size : 14 MB
    • Application ID : 1564643886



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