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Copyright © 2021 DFAX WORLD PTE. LTD. Inc.
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Long Description

Dfax is a SocialFi Ecosystem,Aggregates Metaverse and DAO.

Based on Web3.0, Dfax has realized social and financial capabilities Social networking, encrypted chat, community autonomy and encrypted assets, Achieved Metaverse and DAO.

Dfax has made revolutionary progress, combining Social and Finance perfectly to create a unique SocialFi.
In Dfax, you can add friends, chat in real time, join and build communities, and carry out a series of social activities.
By combining social behavior and finance, Dfax also rewards DfaxToken to incentivize all social activities.

In Dfax, DAO has never been easier.
Create DAO community in one minute, issue NFT and autonomous tokens.
Autonomy in the management of major community decisions through proposals and votes.
Use the Dfax IDO tool to quickly obtain financial support from the community.

Dfax has built a unified meta-universe foundation, a unified token, and a unified trading market.
DfaxWord, use DfaxNft to enter, buy land, build houses, and create your own world.

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Release Details

  • Release Status : Worldwide
  • Current Version : 1.1.8
  • App Store URL : Dfax-SocialFi,Metaverse,DAO
  • Release Date :
  • Recommended Age : 12+
  • Minimum Os Version :

  • App File Size : 105 MB
  • Application ID : 1599702378



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