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Silverlight: Hike-to-Earn Ranking Rating & Store Report
Silverlight: Hike-to-Earn

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Long Description

Earn Effort tokens on your next hike with the Silverlight hike-to-earn outdoor app. Get rewarded for what you love doing: Spending time in the great outdoors and on trails.
Join the Silverlight community and the growing Move-to-Earn movement.

Record Your Hikes
Record your hikes and runs with the Silverlight App and keep track of total time, distance, elevation gain, avg. pace and more. Earn Effort tokens based on your effort.
Effort is calculated using a formula that takes distance and elevation gain into account. Completing more challenging hikes will reward more Effort.

Completely Free
Just install the Silverlight app, record your hike(s) and start earning today. It's completely free!

For support and help with the Silverlight app please visit:

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Release Details

  • Release Status : Worldwide
  • Current Version : 1.22.0
  • App Store URL : Silverlight: Hike-to-Earn
  • Release Date :
  • Recommended Age : 4+
  • Minimum Os Version :

  • App File Size : 85 MB
  • Application ID : 1634733743



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