A Complete Guide To Earn Paytm cash.


Paytm is a digital wallet that lets you make payments and send money to others. The app has over 200 million users, so it’s no surprise that there are so many ways to earn money on this app. Here are six ways you can earn cash using Paytm:

1. Play games

There are several games that you can play on Paytm. Each game has its payout, which means there’s no way to predict how much money you’ll earn from playing them all. However, some of the best games will pay out about $1 per game played, and some other ones offer much higher payouts than that.

The best way to earn cash with these games is by turning them into virtual currencies called ‘coins.’ Coins can then be exchanged for real money at the rate of 1 coin = 1 penny (US) or two coins = 1 cent (Canada).

2. Answer Polls

  • Answer Polls

Answer polls and get paid for your opinion

You may not be a big fan of polls, but there are many opportunities to make money from them on the app. Polls are simple questions like “what is your favorite movie?” or “what’s the best way to make money?” You can earn cash by answering these types of questions – all you have to do is submit your response within 24 hours (or up to three days) after they’re posted by clicking “Yes” in their description. If you don’t think any of these options would suit you, then click “No.”

3. Share your Feedback and get paid

If you have a problem with the product or service and want it to go away, share your feedback with them.

You can also earn Paytm cash by sharing your honest opinion on the product or service that is being offered by someone else. For example, if you like their new jeans, share them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so that more people know about it and buy from them too.

4. Get paid to read news and articles

There are several ways you can earn money by reading news and articles. If you’re a good reader, there’s a chance that someone will offer you money for reading their content. You might also get paid to read some of the most popular websites in India, like Quartz and The Hindu Business Line.

But what if I don’t want to do this?

That’s fine! You can also take part in paid surveys online where people ask questions about products or services they sell through an app on their phone or computer screen (like SurveyMonkey). This way, instead of getting paid just once for each piece of content that gets published online (like if it was written by me), I can get paid several times over with these surveys because there’s no limit on how many times one person can participate in them without having any problems doing so since they’re anonymous!

5. Complete surveys to earn Paytm cash

  • Complete surveys to earn Paytm cash

If you’re serious about earning money online, then completing surveys will be one of your best options. You can quickly get paid for taking part in a survey or answering questions on a specific topic, so it’s worth looking into if you want to make some extra cash without having to spend much time doing it yourself.

Survey sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie offer regular opportunities for users to complete short surveys via email or web form — often just once per day — which means that even with minimal effort put in each day, there are plenty of ways for people at all levels (from beginners up through experts) who want something extra out of life beyond their day job or family responsibilities!

The more money you need, the more you’ll want to use this app!

As you can see, Paytm is a very useful app for people who need to transfer money. The more money you need, the more you’ll want to use this app!


There are a lot of ways to earn cash using Paytm. If you have friends and family members who don’t have a bank account, these methods can be very helpful for them. It’s also great if you need funds fast—this app makes it easy to get paid quickly without having to wait too long! Well worth checking out!