App Store Optimization 101

As apps take over the world of smartphones and its users, app store optimization has been booming and become the talk of every digital marketer. For those of you who are not aware of what app store optimization is, it is a bunch of techniques and procedures used to grow the popularity of a certain app in order to attract more traffic and downloads. This concept is highly relevant but unfortunately, at the same time, it is ignored. It’s important to understand this one simple thing – your app needs ASO! It keeps the app visible and discoverable to potential users, searching for your app. As more and more people become users of your app, you can also see your app ranking on the chart of the app market. Needless to say, ASO has a lengthy list of advantages and you can read all about that, but are you aware of the various measures to optimize an app? We often get a lot of questions from budding app creators and new app-based companies, about ASO and the best app store optimization services. Today we’ll be answering the 5Ws of ASO and its services! 

best app store optimization services

#1 What are ASO services comprised of?

ASO services are made up of several optimization procedures and techniques that make your app more visible. To be more specific, these services can vary from keyword research, on-app optimization to off-app optimization and keyword analysis. These services aim to optimize any app and can turn your app from invisible to visible in a matter of a few days! It’s important to note that all these procedures applied for optimization must be recorded and tracked. This way, you know exactly what is working and what is not. 

#2 Who can optimize an app? 

App store optimization has become the talk of the town, and as this subject is trending in the world, any digital market executive or ASO expert can help your app grow and shine in the market. But, it is not totally necessary that they are the only ones who can do so! With a ton of tools available, like App Annie, you can optimize your own app, too and that way its a 100% free. 

#3 Where do you avail the best app store optimization services?

Like we mentioned before, as this subject is a trending one there are so many companies that cater to app optimization. So, before seeking for ASO services, it is important to research the many ASO companies there are. We encourage you to go to the best company there is! And thanks to the Internet, you can seek the services of any company even if they were halfway across the globe. 

#4 When is the best time to optimize your app? 

The best time to start app optimization is right from the start, which means at the time of developing it. We say this because if you enter the market with a great optimization plan, then you can see your app ranking and ahead of competitors. This is will be a great and very comfy position for you, where you don’t have to worry about your app! If this is not your case but still wish to optimize your app – then it’s now or never! 

#5 Why is app store optimization required? 

This answer we’ll be laying down all the great benefits of ASO! As mentioned before, apart from visibility, discoverability, increased traffic and downloads, ASO also keeps your app updated and with fewer bugs and malfunctions. We’ve noticed that a ranking app with many users, like to listen to the feedback and complaints and work on it. More downloads and traffic for your app translates into better revenue, as well! And you can best believe that you won’t be bothered by your competitors. 

So, here are some of the most popular questions on ASO and the best app store optimization services answered for all you ASO newbies out there! We hope this has covered some doubts of yours and wish you all the luck on your path to optimizing your app!