Stuck with a back pain?Try recovery yoga on My Yoga Teacher and bid farewell to the pain


If you are an Indian and have been living in the country for a fairly considerable amount of time, then you must know the practice of yoga has been one of the most ancient things that started in this country. The study of yoga shows that with this ancient form of exercising your body not only relieves your body but your mind as well. 

One of the most common forms of yoga is online yoga class that helps you recover from any kind of pain or sprain that has been hurting you for a long time. This will help you  get the best treatment from your pain of not only the body but also the mind.

Why recovery yoga?

Why do you go to the doctors? To get treated right? You want to get the best service from the doctors such that you get relief from your pain. This is the exact reason why you should try the recovery yoga sessions. They will give you the best treatment such that you get relief from the pain once and for all and you come out of the course with a fresh health and mind.

Where can you find the recovery yoga class?

The internet:

If you are not living in the centre of some desert under some cave, you will be well aware of the thing or tool called the internet. This is one of the most powerful resources for knowledge nowadays and people and even big businesses are based on the internet for their flourishing in the market. 

Did you not hear about the free yoga class that is being provided to the users by My Yoga Teacher? If not then get online and start searching for the site. Let me tell you it is one of the best websites for online yoga that you can find.

Online services:

Just like the free yoga classes, the recovery yoga classes also work in the same way. You have to  go online and log in to My yoga Teacher who have recently launched the new feature called Yoga consultation. You tell them about the problems that you are facing with the back or the shoulder or anywhere you want to get free from. 

They will provide you guidance with how you can relieve the pain and get your mind and body a fresh start. If you are not familiar with the video lectures they will give you lectures over the phone and they will also rectify them online if you have any problem.

They will help you with the asanas that will make your back pain go away through the recovery yoga. With the Yoga consultation feature of this website you will be back to normal in no time.

What kind of time and money are you investing?

Are you worrying about the time and money? Ok let me tell you those two one by one.


First of all you will be able to manage at least 30 minutes of time from your daily routine because yes, believe it or not the online yoga  sessions take only 30 to 45 minutes. Get up early in the morning and practice their small routine and you will get great benefits. 


Secondly, if you talk about the money there is no money involved often at times. Yess, it is true you can get the service for free at times or often they would take a small amount of money.. You see the benefits of the service My Yoga Teacher is providing. I would have definitely joined it if I was reading this article right now.

What are the benefits of Joining recovery Yoga through Yoga consultation at My Yoga teacher?

If I start to tell you all the benefits of the site and their service it will be as long as a book as the benefits are really manifold. I would like to list some of them below:

  • Classes are online so you don’t need to worry about joining a studio and getting membership and all that.
  • Maintain your routine according to your own work schedule.
  • The gurus are very understanding of your problems and will give you the Asanas based on your structure and preferences.
  • Learn the Asana anywhere you like for example tug in the earphone while going on a train and watch the videos.
  • Video lectures are very easy to be understandable by anyone
  • The new feature Yoga consultation helps you to get rid of any kind of Back pain or distress by consulting the teachers after you let them know of your pain.
  • Adjustable time of 30 minutes or 45 minutes each.
  • Free of cost most of the time.


Have you ever seen a site more helpful, caring to you and free as well. This is just too much to ask from a company but would not avail that if it was made available to you. This is what My Yoga Teacher is doing by the means of recovery yoga. They will consult to provide you the best service and relieve you of your pain and also help you to  gain your best form and shape. Aren’t you excited for it? If I was you I would have definitely jumped in. So, ready to get relieved of your back pain?

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