The 3 Secrets Hidden in an App Review, Most Developers Don’t Know …

The App store is a very intriguing place. Many developers work months and months and they finally come with a product that they believe will outperform others. This is intriguing because every single app developer works with the same common goal in mind. This creates a very competitive market where every app undergoes rapid development just to stay a step ahead in the competition. The presence of a large number of app production firms gives rise to an environment where lagging behind is not an option. You need to keep upgrading, keep marketing and keep innovating if you wish to climb up the app charts. 


In this article, we will discover the 3 Secrets Hidden in App Review, Most Developers don’t know about. 

  1. Buying App reviews is rare: This is one of the most common secret in the app market. Any new developer thinks that buying app reviews and ratings is unethical and is not followed by firms. Ethical or not, we let it up to you to decide. But to set things clear, Buying App Reviews is not a rare thing. Many new developers buy app reviews and app ratings. This is obvious because it is pretty tough for a new app to compete with strong top players and unless you start, there is no competition. Buying App reviews gives you that start and so it should be used considerably. We are not telling this because everyone seems to be buying app reviews; but we are telling you this because this is the one of the most effective ways to start your app store journey. 
  2. Buying App Reviews is illegal: Many developers start buying app reviews and then start to accept that it is a standard thing to buy reviews. But it isn’t so. Buy App reviews might be common but it is definitely not an accepted media. Both Google Play Store and iOS Store is quite stern about buying app reviews and ratings. That is why make sure that you do not use this too often and without any caution. 
  3. Every app service agency is genuine: Now be careful on this. Normally people think that all websites offering buy app reviews and ratings are genuine. But it is not so.  A lot of websites offer you services and ensure to monitor your app performance and provide a weekly plan of 1000 ratings and reviews but this is not accurate always. There are many hoax around the world wide web. These firms sometimes use bots and this can prove fatal for your app. Be very careful while selecting your app review service. A wrong decision can cost you all your hard work.  

Here it is. These are the 3 hidden secrets of the app review. Most of the people don’t have any clue about these facts. But, given the impact of these things, developers should be acquainted with these facts in order to take better decisions in app development and marketing.