The Best Way to Read the News

Of all the ways to catch up with the news, digital platforms like apps and the internet have been taking up the majority of the spotlight whereas traditional mediums like television and newspapers have become close to obsolete. Digital subscriptions and news apps have brought down the popularity of newspapers. People have found this to be an easier way of catching up on categories of their interest. Since its readily accessible on their smartphones and tablets, you can find a lot of people scrolling through their news apps while commuting to work, walking to school and even while taking a break at home! After agreeing that this is one of the most popular ways to access the news, let’s dive into the features that digital news platforms should have to expand their reach and audience.  

The three-dimensional word “news”

Everything is moving at a fast pace, where things are changing daily. People are consuming content so quickly that whatever happened yesterday becomes the news of the past. To stay updated at all times, news apps and digital subscriptions should push out content based on the latest happenings that will spark an interest in their audience. A feature that is highly appreciated by the younger audience is keeping the news articles short and simple, for quick consumption. Incorporating short news items and articles can attract a lot of young people as your new users. To make things even easier, many apps have the news in audio and video form! Another great tactic would be to localise your app! Making your content available in many languages can have a great impact while trying to expand your app’s reach. Being able to choose the content users are interested in and want to read about and to share it must also be another feature that should be considered while trying to make a news app. Shortpedia, an app that we recently discovered and that has these amazing features has changed the way I read the news! With the help of this app, you get to read up on things that you were probably never aware of before. 


It’s just 2019 and this is the just the beginning of digital news platforms! We see this to be a great way for news companies to expand their audience, reach out to people across seas and grow bigger and better. With more relevant and trending matter being published more regularly, news apps have endless opportunities to grow!