What I Know About Buy IOS Reviews best app promote service in 2018?

Greetings Developers. We hope that your app is booming with downloads and that your business is expanding every day. If yes, then congrats, you are slowly on the way to expansion and if no, then you need not worry and just read this article.

App development is a really tricky business. An app is made after hours of coding sessions, in-numerable client meetings and weeks and weeks of design implementations. Before an app is made, it is made to go through hours of brainstorming and development sessions. After all, it has to be perfect. Your whole business depends on it.

Now, when you are satisfied with your work, you need to submit it for acceptance. Both Buy iOS Reviews and Android have a severe filtering process and only after your app meets the desired specifications, it will be selected for the respective stores. Many of times, the selection process itself is a tough one. Many times you might overlook a flaw and this will turn out to be a headache afterward. After many recommendations and improvement guidelines, you are finally left with a finished app, one that is supposed to change the market. Well, that’s how every developer thinks. But the reality is very harsh.

App Market in 2017

The app market has expanded exponentially in the past 5 years and the trend was same in 2017. A lot of new apps were featured in the iOS Store as well as the Play Store. This rise in apps in the respective markets clearly show the growing inclination of developers and the rising business opportunities that the app store is providing.

Firstly, let us get you acquainted with the market scenario at the iOS App Store. As of 2017, the iOS App has 2 million plus apps. and this number just keeps on growing with each passing day. The same scenario can be seen in the Play Store. The Play Store has about 3.5 million-plus apps (as marked in 2017).

The year 2017 also saw the growth of potential stores like Amazon store and few more to specify. The trend is clear and simple. A lot of developers are coming up with new apps daily and this means only one thing. More competition.
The boom in the app market is a clear indicator of the lying business opportunities but it also brings in a lot of competition and an aggressive and fierce marketplace. This trend is likely to boom more in 2018 and so it is our recommendation to get started on your marketing strategies if you wish to earn profits.

What about the competition?

At present, there are more than 2 million apps in the iOS store and more than 3 million in the Play Store. Not to mention, there are almost 10 apps for a specific requirement. Need a Note making app? Well, there are tens if not hundreds of note making apps waiting for users to download. This is how tough the competition is. The App Market itself is occupied by some top players who have more than 85{63d2ea2a83dc8d3aba141f2cf9f812aa6a003c4929a064beeed35942e85f7f9f} of the total user base. This is why it gets extremely hard for new developers to compete with the existing apps.

How to act?

Well given the stats, it might seem impossible for a new business to perform well. But there are few ways by which you can cause a storm in the app market. Let us first understand how the app market works.

The rank or the position of your app is determined by 3 main factors. These are:

  1. Number of app downloads
  2. App Reviews
  3. App Ratings

A combination of these 3 factors decides your app’s position in the app market. An app with more number of downloads will have a higher position in the app store. Same goes for reviews and ratings. An app with better rating will appear on top of the app with a relatively lower app rating. Let us get into the reviews.

How do reviews affect your app?

The effect of app reviews is a complex one. When a user looks for an app, he/she will first look at the app rating and then read reviews for the app. If the reviews are bad, there are chances that he/she might not install your app. But if the reviews are good, the likelihood of your app being downloaded increases. This is most commonly important for paid apps and services. People are very selective and they want to choose the best app from the lot. This is where app reviews come into the picture. An app with good reviews will get more downloads and hence the app ranking in the iOS Store will increase. The same process goes for the Play Store.

Things to know about App Reviews & Buy Android Reviews:

Here is a list of things that every developer should know about app reviews.

  1. App reviews decide your rank

It is a well-known fact that your app ranking is determined by the number of app installs and also by your app rating. Apart from that, your app rating is also determined by the user app reviews. Let us tell you how. Whenever you get a positive user review, your app starts standing you. People seldom download an app by reading your app reviews and when you have good reviews, then automatically people download your app and your app downloads keep growing. As the downloads increase, your app rating starts increasing too.

  1. You can Buy app reviews

Yes, you heard it right. Those app reviews that are present can be bought. You can hire freelancers to write good user reviews for you. By paying a small amount of money, you actually build a positive image for your company. Many of you will find it to be unethical. The next part will shock you even more.

  1. Most reviews in the app store are Buy App Reviews

There it is. Starting from top firms to well-performing apps, almost everyone has used buy app reviews. This is totally understandable too. A good product image can help you get users. A good user base will always ensure you a better business. Most companies try to get good reviews for their apps but there are instances when their app features fail to provide customer requirements. There is always a chance of getting bad reviews which can lead to a bad company name. To curb this, they seldom hire freelancers to write good user reviews to keep the image positive.

  1. Many websites offer services to buy user reviews

If you are a new app developer, then this is for you. There are many websites which provide app management service. They take care of all your marketing and advertising needs. Starting from financial management to taking care of customer involvement. Apart from that, they also offer app reviews. They have a large user base who install your app and write good reviews. This is a really helpful step for new developers as it can help to retain a position in the app chart.

These facts are less known by new developers. However, every developer should be aware of these listed facts. After all, it’s a measure of your app’s success. Apart from these, there are certainly more tips and tricks that you can follow to increase your app performance. Stay tuned to learn about them. Till then, HAPPY CODING.